Miljøbevægelsen i det sydlige Thailand

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Don,t Rape Our Beach- Southern Thai Environmentalism
This case has shown that global and local discourses of environment were used to negotiate democratic rights. Buddhist ethics shaped the arguments against a state project.

Meanwhile, values related to the modern development in Thai society were negotiated during the environmental campaign. To the NGOs, the gas pipeline symbolises state power and ruthless exploitation. The environmentalism, in this case, thus, contains negotiations of peripheral and 57common people’s position in Thai society, not to mention, Thailand’s position in the world. This case has furthermore shown that, to the NGO people, it is not as much a question of gaining control over resources as a question of gaining control over the general societal development. Except from shaming the state”, the environmentalism had the effect of “shaming the people” for their ignorance and carelessness.

The NGO people and academics urge Thai people to regain true old values in

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